Total Body Modification (TBM)

TBM is an incredibly powerful healing system that instigates physiological changes in the body instantaneously!  We use this body of work to instantly boost immunity, influence blood pressure, harmonize allergies, eliminate menstrual cramps, balance emotions, clear toxins, restore water utilization & metabolism, improve energy, re-set sugar metabolism, sharpen your mind and much, much more. 
Dr. Victor Frank, founder of TBM, discovered that the excessive fluctuation and daily "rollercoaster rides" of blood sugar levels, combined with dehydration, was the primary culprit in a myriad of illnesses.  Therefore, in order to get the body WELL as quickly & efficiently as possible, the first step is to regulate the body's autonomic nervous system. This is accomplished by first performing a series of tests and corrections, thereby "turning on" over 80 different systems and organs of the body.  Secondly, the patient is placed on a special two week diet at which time specific foods are completely avoided and the body is diligently nourished every two hours with various meats, fruits and vegetables. There is also a specific amount of water consumption required that is determined by the individuals body weight.  All this keeps the body from going into a hyper- or hypo-glycemic state, re-sets sugar metabolism, and allows the nervous system to recalibrate. This in turn results in greater equilibrium and homeostastis.


Once the body's "bio-computer" has been reset, the individual has conquered one of the greatest obstacles keeping them from Being Well, allowing true healing to take place. TBM lends an infinitely valuable tool in helping our patients get & stay WELL.  It is for this reason that all our doctors are trained in TBM, and it is a usual and customary part of every visit.  


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