Quantum Reflex Analysis


Quantum Reflex Analysis has illuminated concepts and ideologies we have yet to find elsewhere.  Through QRA we are able to examine & address a multitude of factors that can be causing your current experience of health & life.  Some of the factors incorporated into our analysis are:

  • The supplements you are currently taking
  • The impact of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF's) on your home & office
  • The impact of environmental EMF's on your body (including your car)
  • Old scars & traumas that are creating roadblocks to healing in your body
  • How your gums & teeth are affecting your overall health
  • Finding faulty belief systems that subconsciously create destruction in your life

Science has shown us that the human organism is not merely a physical structure with molecules and atoms.  The human body is a complex integration of energy fields, just like everything else!  The ultimate goal of Q.R.A. is to make you so healthy that you literally radiate energy 6 feet & beyond!

We are thankful to Dr. Bob Marshall, and Dr. Linda Forbes for bringing the wisdom of this work to the masses.


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