Chiropractic is the love of my life.

The Foundational Philosophy of Chiropractic:  There is a Universal Intelligence, and that Universal Intelligence is present in all matter as Innate Intelligence. 

The human brain is the electrical powerhouse of the human body.  Every single cell is stirred to life with this Force that travels through the spine and nerves.  When joints are out of integrity (spinal or extra-spinal), they become barriers to the energy source that craves to give life to the most distant reaches of your body.  The removal of these blockades and barriers is the function of Chiropractic.

From a more physical standpoint, is not the frame of the human body as important as the frame of your house, your car, your bed?  Balance is the key to everything in life.  Chiropractic is used to optimize the frame, structure & integrity of the human body. 

Now think about this for a moment, through the course of your life, how many times have you fallen?  Had a car/work or sports injury?  Tripped over a curb?  Slept "wrong"? Sat in front of a computer for far too many hours?  Crunched a phone between your ear & shoulder?  Gone on a roller coaster ride?  Held a heavy book bag on one or both shoulders?  I'm sure by now your mind has painted a clear picture as to how much your body has really been through.  When was the last time you had YOUR frame checked?  

Chiropractic is the key to optimal health.  It is so powerful a tool that you're pretty much guaranteed to feel 100 times better after your adjustment than before.  Chiropractic is a gift.  It's a gift to those who love life, and a gift to those who are desperately seeking hope; hope that one day, they can truly Be Well again. 

It is our greatest desire to give the gift of Chiropractic till the end of our days.


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